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Being associated with Marshall Erikson



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Hearing that Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined.



I definitely didn’t know this until now. That is actually so interesting!!

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Strawberry Mojito 🍓🍹🌊 #sogood #drinks #costarica #sb13 #ocean #hammock #palmtrees  (at Hotel Punta Islita)
15th Act: Wrote this on my white board to wish everyone an amazing day. #26acts #hidogooder @anncurry
14th act: Helped someone carry a box of wine out to their car at a wine vineyard this weekend #26acts #hidogooder @anncurry  (at Imagery Winery)
13th act: Threw away my trash and put back my tray, so employee had one less to pick up #26acts #hidogooder @anncurry
12th act: Left a nice note after having a great experience at this restaurant #decidingtodothismoreoften#26acts #hidogooder @anncurry (at Comal)
11th act: Left flowers on someone’s car with hopes of brightening their day 🌸🚘 #26acts #hidogooder @anncurry
11th act: Left flowers on someone’s car with hopes of brightening their day. 🌸🚘 #26acts #hidogooder @anncurry  (at Safeway)

"This is Not a Film": More than just a man getting sentence to prison

“This is not a film” at the surface is about a man, Jafar Panahi, who is waiting to hear about his sentence for what his government thinks he has done wrong. If you dig deeper while watching the movie there is more than just that going on. I personally love Jafar Panahi’s way of making movies so it not just a good story but there is meanings behind it.


Photo Credited: Courtesy of CSMonitor 

            “In his films Jafar Panahi critically examines the social circumstances in his country.” - ThisisNotaFilm.net

            “Critics started claiming that these films merely showed Iranian’s daily life and the reality on the streets which, to some extent, is true.” - Ehsan Khoshbakht, Fandor.com

Through the movie, “This is not a film”, it acknowledges the other things going on around Jafar, such as things going on in the Iranian government. First thing seen in the movie was Jafar Panahi waiting for his sentence. He was getting punished for apparently committing propaganda toward the Iranian government. Majority of the film was focused on this but that is not all that was going on. Next he was describing his screenplay, that he never got to film, where he had the main character who was woman dealing with the issue of trying to go to this college interview. Most of her family wouldn’t let her go. Jafar was challenging the issue that women aren’t able to do as much as men in his country and that shouldn’t be how it is. Then in the movie we hear noises like fireworks and gunshots outside Jafar’s house. He then turns on the news to see that there was a tsunami in Japan and later it announced that Iran’s president has banned any fireworks and bonfires that used to mark Chaharshambe Suri. This event is a festival to celebrate the end of a year and the start of a new one. It is also called Wednesday Feast.


Photo Credit: Camera Slayer

Lastly in the last screen of the movie Jafar goes outside with the camera and the young man says don’t go any further Jafar they can’t see you with the camera. This makes a perfect ending to a very challenging and inspiring movie.

It is truly inspiring that this movie without any planning at all turned out so profound and meaningful. 











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